Golden Finish Peacock Daning

Golden Finish Peacock Daning


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This royal artefact by Returngiftguru is a very rare and lovely sight for beauty-loving people. When it rains, the peacock is very happy and starts spreading its nicely colored tail. This moment has been captured in the artefact. The beauty and the grace is the integral part of the artefact .As it is made of everlasting metal it will be immortal like the peacock itself. The glossy enamel colors like royal blue, green, red and yellow are stimulation for life. The gold work adds to its royalty. The dancing artefact is placed on a platform to give balance to its lean legs. This bird of stunning beauty is used as symbol in the temples, royal gardens and the gates of paradise and can also be a part of your home. This beauty is also a very good gift for your friends and family. This piece of royalty though created with care might have slight variations in color and design.

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Weight 281 g
Dimensions 11 × 13.5 × 14 cm


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